Be Here Now…My goal for these ambient field recordings is to capture a moment in time the way photography does, but with sound. While no one could dispute that photography is a dynamic and expressive art form, the end product is, by it’s very nature, flat. Photographs not only lack the third dimension, depth, but also the forth, time. Stereo sound recordings bring with them these missing dimensions, while still leaving plenty of room for you to fill in the experience with your imagination.

Each of these recordings is made with an Olympus DS-30 at XQ-Stereo CD quality using a custom built windscreen to eliminate as much machine and wind noise as possible without cutting out the subtleties of the environment. The “real” world is not a friendly place for recording audio, especially with minimal equipment, but this arrangement successfully balances the pressures of budget, weight, stealth (to avoid influencing the environment only,) and sound quality to make reasonable aural imprints of a moment in time.

The Be Here Now moniker refers to both the idea of this being a capture of a moment in time, and to the Zen practice of being present in your life. For me, I have found that the process of recording these audiographs have helped me become more aware of magic of my everyday surroundings, and therefore, to be more present in my own life. Hopefully, listening to them will have a similar effect on you…



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  1. Nice 🙂

  2. hi…

    just visited your site for the first time [after reading your post on the phonog list].

    nice recordings. particularly nice that the tracks are long enough to allow total absorption for the listener. don’t think i agree about the best place to listen being the car, though. i listened via a nice set of headphones and enjoyed the experience very much.

    anyway. looking forward to seeing how it develops.

    all the best from the pennine hills of west yorkshire [jolly old england]…

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